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Use of cookies and other technologies

We use cookies, pixel tags, local storage and other technologies to understand you as a user and to analyze data related to users. For more information about our use of these technologies, read this Cookies Policy.

Use of social complements

When you use your account and the Services, you can share information about the Services on social networks, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter, through an implemented social plugin (like a Like button). If you decide to share information through a social supplement, your browser will transfer the following data to the social media:

  1. Date and time of your visit

  2. The Internet address or URL of the address you are visiting temporarily

  3. Your IP address

  4. The browser you are using

  5. The operating system you are using

  6. Your username and, if applicable, if you are a registered user of the social media, your name and surname

  7. The information for which you have used this specific plug-in

Regarding such information, refer to the terms and conditions of the relevant social media. We recommend you to keep informed about the purpose and scope of the information gathering that takes place through the social supplements. You can block social add-ons in your browser settings. Keep in mind that we have no influence on the information that the social media collects through the use of add-ons.

Personal data controllers

Mediadom, SRL is the controller of the processed data about its users. However, other subsidiaries of Mediadom may process personal data for their own purposes and these will then be the data controllers for this processing. Mediadom performs a wide range of common services, such as the payment access solution, data collection and analysis, and in doing so acts as the data controller.

All companies of the Mediadom group that process data related to the use of your account data are controlling the processing of your personal data and are obliged to guarantee that the processing is in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the applicable legal requirements.

Likewise, the companies of the Mediadom group and other companies that provide the Services, are responsible for the processing of their personal data in the scope of each Service.

How to contact us

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.